Fees and Insurance


Fees for psychoanalytic psychotherapy are on a sliding scale. Our clinicians will work with you to find a fee per session that is fair to both you and the clinician.



Many of our clinicians offering psychoanalysis are in ongoing training and they will work to negotiate an affordable fee for you.  Treatment in psychoanalysis typically involves 4 sessions per week, and per-session fees are commonly lower than the session fees for psychotherapy. 

If you are curious about or interested in psychoanalysis, please do not assume that fees will be an obstacle.  Call us to learn more or set up a time to meet and discuss your wishes with a clinician.



Some of our clinicians take insurance.  For out-of-network treatment, clinicians will provide you with bills to submit for reimbursement and you will be responsible for obtaining payments from your insurance carrier.  To better understand your insurance coverage, we suggest you talk to your insurance carrier.  You may wish to ask about your deductible, your copay, pre-authorization requirements and any limitations on the number of sessions your insurance will cover during your benefit period.